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The Finance Group is part of the Department of Business Economics of the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE). Business Economics is the largest department in terms of both students and staff. Business Economics is subdivided over three groups: the Finance Group, the Accounting Group and the Marketing Group.

Organogram of the Erasmus School of Economics and Business Economics

The Finance Group is managed by an active Executive Committee and a motivated team of individual co-ordinators. A well-organized secretariat serves as a first contact for students and visitors, and provides support to all members. The Executive Committee is chaired by Prof. dr. W.F.C. Verschoor. Individual members of the Finance Group act as co-ordinators and bear delegated responsibility for different areas of the Group's activities. This coherent system of an executive committee and supporting co-ordinators makes the Finance Group a perfectly functioning organisation.

Executive committee:

Prof.dr. W.F.C. Verschoor (Chairman)
Dr. N.L. van der Sar  
Dr. R.C.J. Zwinkels


Mrs. S. Bogaert
Mrs. G.J. van Florestein-Schouten
Mrs. H.L. Molenaar-van Steveninck
Mrs. B.M. Rietveld-Mes




Bachelor's program: Dr. M.B.J. Schauten
Master's program: Prof.dr. J.T.J. Smit
Bachelor thesis: Dr. M.J. van den Assem
Master thesis: Dr. S. van Bekkum


General research strategy and programs: Prof.dr. I. Dittmann
Research institutes and public grants: Prof.dr. W.F.C. Verschoor


Public relations and social events: Dr. M.B.J. Schauten
Website Dr. P.J.P.M. Versijp
Staffing policy and applications: Prof.dr. W.F.C. Verschoor
Seminars: Dr. I. Dittmann
Administration: Dr. N.L. van der Sar