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Welcome to the Finance Group

The Finance Group offers high quality education programs for their students and enables their staff to do fundamental and applied research in financial economics. The research profile of the Finance Group is strong. We operate in various research disciplines, including Corporate Finance, Investments and Portfolio Management, Behavioural Finance, International Finance, Risk Management and Derivatives, Market Microstructure, and Monetary Economics.

The ESE Finance Group is a part of the Erasmus Finance Group which also includes researchers from the Econometrics Department and the Rotterdam School of Management. Our research activities are organized and financed by the Erasmus Research Institute in Management (ERIM) and the Tinbergen Institute. A complete list of all finance researchers at Erasmus University can be found here. Erasmus Finance runs an active seminar series with speakers from top international academic institutions and a brown-bag seminar for internal speakers. The Library’s Erasmus Data Service Centre subscribes to many state-of-the-art financial databases and supports data requests.